What Does Art Give Us?

10th March 2016

Experiment: What does art give us? 

Help us find out! On March 19th at 11am, artist Madi Boyd will team up with scientist Polly Dalton for a unique experiment at THECUBE. Their aim is to measure the effect of video-based art on people’s attentional focus.

The experience will last around an hour, during which participants will watch short video clips and complete a few simple computer-based attention tasks. If you would like to take part, please email or to book one of our slots between 11am and 2pm.

Talk by Installation Artist Madi Boyd and Experimental Psychologist Dr Polly Dalton

THECUBE, 21st March 2016 at 1900

Artist Madi Boyd creates captivating installations from projected moving image and large constructions. Psychologist Dr Polly Dalton conducts cutting edge research into cross-modal perception and attention. In this talk, they will discuss their on-going collaboration and their scientifically informed art project. They use installation art to experiment with cross-modal perception, to explore how what we experience in one sense will affect how we perceive something in another sense, and how these interactions sculpt our visual experience.

Because installation art requires bodily presence and is about the body in space, it is intrinsically a multi-sensory experience and so research into multi-modal perception is, they believe, crucial to an understanding of how to create installation experiences.

They will also discuss the results of a psychology experiment carried out at THECUBE on 19th March 2016.