What is better: Money or Value?

31 May 2011

Recently we went to see the film Inside Job and the question arose; what is the main difference between creating money and creating value?

It occurred to us that if it was money we were after then we were going in the wrong direction. As money does not seem to require intelligence, integrity, or innovation. You only have to look at the salary of Nobel Prize winner vs. that of a banker. One spends years studying and providing a change to the world whilst the other at best is a really good number alchemist, whose intelligence is being wasted on shifting virtual money. However, we do understand the need for sustainability as we have overheads like any other business, but can we do it with purpose and via contributing to our community?

In regards to our spaces we hope to be aiming for value. Value to us means observing the needs of people and generating business services which satisfy those needs. It is about listening to our clients, pushing ourselves to innovate and provide better knowledge and services. We hope to be purposeful and mindful with every business decision we take. Furthermore there are more and more people and organisations speaking out against just generating revenue or growth for the sake of growth.

Imagine if what was perceived as being stable and the ‘right way’ of creating economy collapsed and proved unstable, why not try another method? Then there is the more philosophical aspect, why just generate money? The are oil companies, which have caused irreversible damage to the environment and for what? So we can drive our cars further? So they can buy more ‘stuff’ with their inflated salaries? There doesn’t seem to be a core and dire reason for their existence. In simple terms they are not curing cancer. Would it not be great if the two perspectives could merge, the generation of money and value?

This is precisely the trend we are observing amongst our members, many have left the finance sector in search for generating value. This new type of thinking requires real intellect and knowledge of how our brain works.

Some Questions To Observe

  • Is it ethical to exploit others, just because they are not capable of ‘understanding’ a business model or how it harms their health? ( Think mortgage crisis )
  • Area we starting businesses to provide sustainability or growth at all cost?
  • If our business idea were to not exist what would be missing from society?
  • How does our business idea change or evolve the human?