19th October 2016 (7pm)

How we think is something that has fascinated us since the time of Aristotle, who was arguably the first neuroscientist. In this workshop we will learn how cognition works through weaving in attention, memory, experience, and the senses.


Part 1// Defining Cognition
Part 2// How do we think?
Part 3 // Discussion



This will be in the format of a workshop, you will be taught about how human cognition. This is for any professional of any industry who wants to learn more about the latest brain research.

The workshop presents the latest in neuroscientific research, however, it is explained in common terms. We also have a discussion section in order to apply the findings to industry.



The science is thoroughly researched and prepared for commercial application. The purpose is to gain an understanding of how people perceive and interact with the world around them. We aim to stay honest to the science whilst making it accessible and applicable to industry. By honest, we mean that we research a wide range of studies and data, which at times show different findings in order to bring you a diverse set of theories. It also means that we will not take a reductionist approach nor will we claim that neuroscience is an “answer” or predictive.