Workshop: The Future of Technology for Health Care

26th September 2017 (1pm)

We are hosting Britta Schulte, currently undertaking a PhD at the Interaction Centre at University College London, where she uses critical design to critique and improve technologies for people living with dementia.


As part of her PhD Britta will run a free workshop on the future of technology for health care, to learn from the expertise of designers and developers with an interest in future technologies. During the workshop you will be given a story to read and are invited to discuss the technologies presented, the story itself and your expectations of the future of smart technologies for health care.


Join us if you are a developer, designer, maker or student of smart technologies or IoT devices, or scientist! We would love to have you here!


The 90 minute workshop will take part at here at THECUBE, drinks and snacks will be provided and participants will receive a 15 GBP voucher as a thank you. You can find more info and register your interest on our website. With any questions regarding the study, please contact Britta directly via


THECUBE London is a coworking space in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. We and our members focus on three different disciplines – science, design, and technology. We are exited to be hosting Britta and support her on her research into technologies for individuals with dementia. No surprise, she is covering exactly our three disciplines!