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  • DesertUSA - Desert Animals & Wildlife Extensive information about the wild U.S. desert inhabitants
  • Field guides, expert advice, discussion boards, & ecards for North American animals, plants, habitats, & parks
  • Exploratorium: Frogs Showcasing marvels of adaptation
  • Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Journeys with Jack, FAQs, about Jack, schedule of appearances, this week's TV episode, archive, games, quiz, gallery, videos, merchandise, links
  • Journey North 1999 A global study of wildlife migration
  • National Geographic Animals and Nature Photo gallery, stories and wildlife guides.
  • Nature.Net Audubon watercolors of North American birds, John Muir's Yosemite stories, discussions about birds, wildlife and nature photography
  • SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database Animal and education resources
  • Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife info, zoos & aquariums, online exhibits, video & photo galleries, audio programs, science topics, wildlife news, events, education resources, getting involved



  • - Nature Daily news and features on environment and animals
  • Earthwatch Institute International Scientific field research organization working to understand the planet
  • EcoNet Ecology news, action alerts, events, job/volunteer opportunities
  • Natural Life News and features for healthy, ecologically sound living
  • NOAA The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - News, climate, coastal issues, fisheries, environment, marine navigation, research, satellites
  • Outside Online Outdoor sports & recreation features, ecology news, destinations, expeditions, outdoor gear, fitness tips, messages
  • Scorecard A complete reference on toxic chemicals in your area


  • Amusement Park Physics How the design of a ride simulates danger, history of thrill rides, design your own roller coaster, physics glossary, links
  • Discovery Online The Discovery Channel site
  • Exploratorium's Science of Baseball! Understanding the physics and biology of baseball
  • Exploratorium: ExploraNet Science and art exhibits from San Francisco
  • A very entertaining site, with interactive activities that demonstrate dozens of scientific principles
  • Franklin Institute Science Museum Dozens of excellent exhibits presented by the Philadelphia museum
  • From Stargazers to Starships Astronomy, Newtonian mechanics, spaceflight, math refresher
  • In Search of Human Origins Expedition journal, analysis, links, from National Geographic
  • Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum Museum highlights, schedule of events, & visitor info for the exhibits at the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier, NYC
  • Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford Exhibits, museum features and information, science links
  • National Geographic Perhaps the best graphics on the Net
  • NOVA Online Dozens of excellent exhibits
  • NOVA Online | Escape! Escaping injury in disasters and accidents
  • NOVA Online | Mysteries of the Nile An attempt to discover the building techniques of the monuments of ancient Egypt
  • Science Learning Network A site designed for the K-12 crowd, but too good not to include here
  • Smithsonian Institution Hundreds of excellent site links
  • Stonehenge What we know, and don't know, about the mysterious stone monument in Wiltshire, England
  • WebExhibits Catalogue Directory of science and arts online exhibits

Hard Sciences

  • Biology Project An interactive resource for learning biology
  • Chemical Abstracts Service Comprehensive databases of chemical information
  • Chemical A very nifty and extensive Periodic Table of the Elements
  • EncycloZine: Worlds of Science Introduction to general science, astronomy, biology, chemistry, cosmology, mathematics, paleontology, psychology, physics, scientific method, technology
  • Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography Searchable index of general and specific science biographies
  • Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science Encyclopedias of math, science, and music
  • History of Mathematics Discoveries & achievements, biographies, famous curves, much more
  • National Science Foundation Biology, computer science, education, engineering, geosciences, math, physics, social sciences, more
  • Science Page Chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, conversions, science history, news, journals, teaching resources, projects, organizations, much more
  • ScienceNet Searchable directory of FAQs relating to the sciences, career advice
  • TIPTOP - The Internet Pilot to Physics The world's most comprehensive index to on-line physics resources
  • Virtual Autopsy Case exercises in determining cause of death, for medical students
  • Visible Human Project Visual slices of the body
  • Visual Elements The Periodic Table of the Elements, it's history, landscape representations, desktop graphics, ecards, links
  • Web Physics A vast resource from the faculty and students of Davidson College

Natural Disasters

  • American Red Cross Preparedness, recovery, and relief information and services for worldwide hardships
  • Hurricane and Natural Disaster Brochures Online preparedness information for hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, floods, thunderstorms, hail, and heat
  • HurricaneCity Current information on Atlantic hurricanes, with audio and video feeds
  • World-Wide Earthquake Locator Maps and data for recent earthquakes, plus general information, FAQs, and teaching resources


  • : Science Index Daily science section from ABC
  • - Nature Daily news and features on environment and animals
  • - Sci-Tech Daily science, technology, and computer news and features
  • NASA Site of the National Aeronautics & Space Administration
  • Popular Science online with news and departments - automotive, computers, electronics, home tech, science, forums, links, more
  • Science News A group of magazines from the National Science Foundation
  • Science News Online Weekly featured articles, archives, yearly highlights, print magazine info
  • ScienceDaily Magazine Today's headlines, summaries, search news, images, discussions, more
  • UniSci Daily university science news, searchable archives with over 2,500 articles


  • AnchorDesk: Blast Off With Jon's Space-Related Downloads Screen savers and planetary calculators
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day With searchable archive and glossary
  • - Technology: Space News, features, stories, launch countdown, NASA missions & Webcams, launch videos, forum, newsletter
  • Earth and Moon Viewer An awesome collection of satellite images, with loads of viewing options
  • From Stargazers to Starships Astronomy, Newtonian mechanics, spaceflight, math refresher
  • Hubble Heritage Project Images from the telescope, astronomy resources
  • International Space Station News, technical information, crew, gallery, more
  • Kodak: Space Shots Photos featuring John Glenn
  • Shuttle Countdown Online STS-97 info & status, photos, video, shuttle history, recent missions
  • Space news, missions & launches, astronomy, search for life, photos & videos, business & technology, science fiction, people, columns, teaching, entertainment, games, spaceKids, merchandise, more
  • Spacelink Current locations of many spacecraft, and a nifty solar system simulator